1845-1846. Canada West.
Wild places. Mystic spaces.


 Book 3



for Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos: Charter from Clarion Foreword Review



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History on the ground.

Adventure and romance.

The Mohawk Trilogy is a saga about outliers in the alien world of the mid-19th century, Upper Canada.

You’ll love the worm’s eye view.

Coming soon:

Weird Tit-for-tat: the game of our lives for ordinary people

Cornelius Krieghoff, Breaking Lent or a Friday Surprise, courtesy AGO, Photography by Ian Lefebvre




Grand River Saga

Lost when it comes to pre-Confederation events? Fascinated with Canadian history? If that’s you, try the Sky Walker books (the Mohawk Trilogy). It’s all about the characters. Struggling outliers have run-ins with their wild environs. They dodge lawless American and European settlers. Protagonists are helpless to stop the dirty deeds of rapacious land speculators. Characters can… Read more …

Ruthven Park, Cayuga

The lie Ruthven Park tells, through omission, is one with both a long nose and short legs. David Thompson 1 [not the map-maker] was not a law-abiding person nor an honourable businessman. A fascinating character, he was nonetheless a schemer and a fraudster. Ruthven Park’s failure to mention Thompson’s criminal activities cheats Canadians who deserve to… Read more …

Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos: CHARTER

Lillian Brown, Clarion Foreword reviewer: The novel’s lovable, intricate characters and the challenges that they face every day, from protecting their lands to safeguarding their hearts, are an irresistible draw. The satisfying third and final book in S. Minsos’s historical trilogy, Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos Charter follows the nineteenth-century disruption to Indigenous lands caused by European… Read more …