1845-1846. Canada West.
Wild places. Mystic spaces.

              Journey into the woods to find the dark but life-giving secret. 


Clarion rating for Charter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

for Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos: Charter from Clarion Foreword Review



Adventure and romance and history

The Mohawk Trilogy is a saga about outliers in the alien world of the mid-19th century, Upper Canada.

You’ll love the worm’s eye view.

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Weird Tit-for-tat: the game of our lives for ordinary people

United Empire Loyalists versus late loyalists

Summary: The history of Canada provides a good example of a 180° shift in manners, from republican to monarchist. Anti-American rhetoric, a manner so well appreciated in Canada, has early beginnings. Loyalty-to-the-Crown is a stubborn, long-time, English-Canadian manner, which is quickly adopted and adapted to a new circumstance – often allowing, sans correction, untruthful myths… Read more …

Devil Joseph Brant

Thayendanegea, a contemporary leader of his people, is “later derided as a devil by later people.” Joseph Brant arouses the ire of many of the Haudenosaunee, who to this day claim (falsely) he cheated them and let them down. Then there’s Canada. Canada is a politically correct nation with citizens poorly educated in general history and Indigenous history. Canada does not accord Brant the… Read more …