1845-1846. Canada West.
Wild places. Mystic spaces.

              🇨🇦 Journey into the woods to find the dark but life-giving secret! 

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Adventure and romance and history

The Mohawk Trilogy is a saga about outliers in the alien world of the mid-19th century, Upper Canada. 🇨🇦

You’ll love the worm’s eye view. View the facts.

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The Grand River Navigation Company: The Grand Swindle

Speaking of not paying . . . The [Grand River Navigation Company] of colonial and confederate Canada never pays the Six Nations for non-surrendered expropriated land nor returns a single penny of investment but most remarkable is this turnaround: the canal company is forever in need of cash infusions and uses up Six Nations’ capital monies in fifteen years…. Read more …

The Devil Joseph Brant

Who is  Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea), and why should Canada know him? Joseph Brant is a fact. He is a seminal fact behind Canada’s very existence. American writers have written with fascination about Brant, beginning with William Leete Stone. (Life of Joseph Brant-Thayendanegea: including the border wars of the American revolution and sketches of the Indian… Read more …

The Canadian Horse

In the Mohawk trilogy Cap’n [Ed de Cap Rouge] and Poco are Canadians. Squire Tehawennihárhos Davis purchases the horses in Reach Township and brings them to Gould’s lumber mill in Uxbridge. Because Squire is impressed by Jennet Ferguson’s athleticism, he surrenders the valiant Poco to the Ferguson family, where, finally, Will Ferguson allows Jennet to have… Read more …