1845-1846. Canada West.
Wild places. Mystic spaces.

              🇨🇦 Journey into the woods to find the dark but life-giving secret . . . 

Five stars for Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos: Charter from Foreword Reviews


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Adventure and romance and history

The Mohawk Trilogy is a saga about outliers in the alien world of the mid-19th century, Upper Canada. 🇨🇦

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Trumpeting the Mohawk trilogy

Lillian Brown: Minsos tackles the intricacies of gender inequality and social relationships in a relatable manner, tying the struggles of its characters to contemporary issues. (Book 3. Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos: Charter). Jane Ainslie: Charter ought to find a forever home with Canadians. If you want to learn how the past impacts the present, this is the book to… Read more …

The Grand River Navigation Company: The Grand Canadian Swindle

Speaking of not paying . . . The [Grand River Navigation Company] of colonial and confederate Canada never paid the Six Nations for non-surrendered expropriated land nor returned a single penny of investment but most remarkable was this turnaround: the canal company was forever in need of cash infusions and used up Six Nations’ capital monies in… Read more …


Davis Hamlet or Davisville is on the farm of Mohawk Chief Thomas Tehonwawenkaragwen Davis. Currently the site of Laurier University and Professor Gary Warrick’s archaeological dig, Davisville is situated northwest of Ohsweken and Brantford, and south of Paris. Davisville is there some time before the European villages of Brantford or Paris exist. And before Davisville, Haudenosaunee… Read more …