Culture Clubs: The Real Fate of Societies

Culture Clubs: The Real Fate of Societies

Whatever you face as an individual or a culture club determines choices. Whatever the affordance [situation, context, environment, economy], and however painful the affordance may be, individuals and culture clubs still and forever confront (and use) the laws of science.

Eg., COVID-19 is an unexpected affordance.  We must deal with it. How? We deal with a new affordance by adopting new manners. (In Weird Tit-for-Tat, manners are generously defined as policies, civilities, folkways, laws.)

One the one hand, national dominators recommend the citizenry get vaccinated and wear masks, and in the fullness of time the compliant ones obey. 

On the other hand, “protesters,” caring little about science, inevitably mount a challenge to the new set of recommended manners. Especially in a democracy. The protesting culture club is structured the same as the larger culture club (a dominant-compliant interface), but this sub-national culture club has its own manners: masks and vaccinations are discouraged. Dominators (of the sub-national protesting culture club) ought to realize COVID-19 is a deadly illness, and a laissez-faire code actually helps the spread of the virus.

In the case of a plague, we turn to our healthcare and educational institutions. Sooner or later, institutional sub-national culture clubs must deal with the hard facts: for the good of the whole, individual humans really do need protection from killer viruses.

Here is a startling fact about plagues. Smallpox in company with other European and Asian pathogens decimated the First Nations of the Americas. But, dear protester, you don’t care. You and your mates need nothing but your maskless, unvaccinated freedom. No history. No science. No common sense. Or so you believe.

As is famously said, science doesn’t care. Science doesn’t have feelings. You do. And you’d do best to comply with the new anti-plague manners, which national dominators have recommended, based on science. Put on a mask. Get vaccinated.

Feature Image: Offerings and Prayers for Genebek Ziibiing ~ painted by the brilliant Christi Belcourt (Métis)

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