Susan Minsos (S. Minsos) has written three novels, preceded by two non-fiction books. 

Minsos is the former director of the interdisciplinary Canadian Studies program  at the University of Alberta, and remains a principal behind the annual Mel Hurtig Lectureship, the Future of Canada.

Minsos was one of many to receive a commemorative pin (2017) (containing copper from the roof of the West Block of Parliament Hill, 1918-1996), because The Mohawk Trilogy carries out the Canada 150 theme of diversity and inclusion and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

She was appointed writer-in-residence at MacEwan University, 2014.

Haudenosaunee Squire Tehawennihárhos Davis, Minsos’ gg grandfather, and Scottish (Scotch) Jennet Ferguson, her gg grandmother, are central to Minsos’ fiction. Lillian Brown of Foreword Reviews awards five stars to Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos: Charter (2018)

Culture Clubs: the art of living together (2004)

Weird Tit-for-tat: the game of our lives (2006)

Squire Davis and the Crazy River (2009)

Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos (2013)

Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos: the Battle of Vinegar Hill (2012)

Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos: Charter (2018)


Photo credit JJMK Sept 2020

Minsos (Williams) received her BA from Western University, her MA and PhD from the University of Alberta. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Books, available at Chapters/Indigo and and Friesen Bookstore, are not for sale on the website. For background on the pre-Confederation era, see readings. Contact S Minsos: For complimentary blurbs on novels, see Trumpeting the books.