Jennet Ferguson

Photo is of Friends Meeting House on Quaker Hill, next to the Ferguson Farm. Jennet Ferguson is the daughter of Scotch (Scottish) immigrants William Ferguson and Mary Graham Ferguson, who arrive in Upper Canada from Cummertrees Dumfriesshire in 1832 and take up farming in Uxbridge in 1834.

In the Mohawk trilogy Jennet is the sister of Will and the domestic goddess Rebecca (and sister of Isabella and Mary and Jane). The latter three are married and not living at home. On the map of Canada West 1845 you can find Uxbridge, which is north of Toronto where the huge dark pines grow, and you can imagine the joys of being a young, north-of-Toronto settler during a Canadian winter.  

Jennet and Squire travel back and forth from Uxbridge to the Grand River. But usually not together.

Jeddah Golden’s horse farm abuts the Ferguson’s general stock farm.



Stories that feature Jennet Ferguson

Trumpeting the Mohawk trilogy

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United Empire Loyalists versus late loyalists

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The Markham Gang Ontario

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Bella Davis – daughter of Jennet/Janet and Squire Davis, and wife of William G Burr

In the midst of chaos, baby Isabella Davis is born. The year is 1860. Daughter of the Haudenosaunee’s Squire (Albert? Richard?) Davis (1825-1886) and Scottish immigrant Jennet/Jenett/Janet Ferguson Davis (1825-1905), Isabella has a steady and healthy existence for most of her adult life – but her early years have their share of tumult and shouting.... Read more …

Death of Huronia. Arrival of United Empire Loyalists (1784). Jennet’s Uxbridge

“When the first white settlers arrived in Pickering and Whitby, Uxbridge and Reach, nothing of two hundred years of Huron, Iroquois and French occupation remained. Only the Mississauga ‘stood in the way’.” Leo A Johnson Disease and civil war smash and forever destroy Huron’s great civilization covering the upper country–variously Québec, Upper Canada, Canada West,... Read more …