Bride Munny, Pomeroy and Chrisinny Munny

Victims of the Irish famine, Bride Munny and her two children Pomeroy and Chrisinny emigrate to Canada West from Wexford via Wicklow. They cross the ocean on what is called a coffin ship – called such for obvious reasons. In 1845, the Munnys are early to leave the Fitzwilliam estate, where clearances will get into full swing by 1847. Beautiful Bride Munny is married to Anglo-Irish Protestant, Ginger Munny, who has some standing in Coolkenno. Ginger’s status falls in Canada. He is a low grocer, who ends up in Welland, Canada West. Bride’s Anglo-Irish, Catholic brother, Boynton “Boy” Hewson, kidnaps Catholic Bride and her children. Boy hides them in the abandoned Mohawk Village near Brantford on the Grand River. Ginger Munny never finds Bride and dies, young, from consumption. Wicklow’s Bride Munny is a friend of Wexford’s Danielle O’Herlihy.

The Catholic – Protestant conflicts continue without abatement in Canada West. Orange, Protestant Ontario holds the cultural establishment in a death grip.

the Irish/Scottish clearances of 1845 – 1848