Book 1, Mohawk trilogy, Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos

Chapter ONE: The story is inside-out. Best explanation I can offer for inwardness to ask you to do this. Look at that Christina Robertson portrait and imagine the vigilant spaniel speaks to you. You are absolutely not going to give a thought to the flattering brush and darling girls who are front and centre because, just this once, the margins demand your attention. Or you might read the Brothers Grimm, say little Red Cap. The tale would be different if wolf were in charge of the telling. Imagine voiceless ones command your attention and before you know it you get caught up in a new narrative and you see life from another person’s point of view. My name is Jennet Ferguson. This is my story. And Squire’s.



 Christina Robertson, feature image

Gustave Dore, Little Red Cap in bed with wolf