Culture Clubs: The Real Fate of Societies

Culture Clubs: The Real Fate of Societies

11 July 2022 Published by Three Rascals Press

Culture Clubs is informed by the great debates of human nature, contemporary game theory, and creative literature and film. Minsos’ careful analysis of socialization makes a compelling case with abundant intuition and delightful wit.

–Dr. Janine Brodie CM FRSC, Critical Concepts: An Introduction to Politics

 If you have spent any time wondering about human nature and our need to form and belong to groups, this book is for you. Minsos offers a new twist on group dynamics, ranging from the smallest unit of the family to the local community and outward, incorporating the larger multicultural world. Dr. Minsos is confident, feisty, and has a sharp wit as she offers a well substantiated perspective on our game playing.

– Claudia Petersmeyer, B.Ed., MA, PhD (Philosophy)

Socialization and culture, Minsos argues, are not binary, but depend upon a three-cornered asymmetrical (weird) matrix tit-for-tat game in which the struggle for authority becomes a key part of how all societies function. In making her case, Minsos engages readers and theorists in a series of Socratic dialogues.

– Peter Midgley, Counting Teeth: A Namibian Story

Sentient creatures herd up to cope with changing environments––there’s strength in numbers. Welcome to Culture Clubs: The Real Fate of Societies, where, as Dr. Minsos (PhD, University of Alberta) has argued for over twenty years, mannerly Homo sapiens faces an inescapable reality: individuals are selected to play a three-optioned evolutionary game, Weird Tit-for-Tat – the herding game. Selection favours herders and herders create culture clubs – groups with common goals and homogeneous folkways.

Photography by Ian Lefebvre

Cover Art: Canadian-Dutch artist Cornelius Krieghoff (c. 1847) paints a humorous depiction of bad manners in nineteenth-century rural Québec: Breaking Lent (or A Friday’s Surprise).

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