Family Ties: Squire Davis and Jennet Ferguson

Family Ties: Squire Davis and Jennet Ferguson

Author’s Maternal Family c 1896. Granddaughters of Squire Davis and Jennet Ferguson


With their grandchildren, Isabella Davis (status-Treaty, Oneida Nation until marriage; daughter of Squire Davis and Jeannette Ferguson) and W G Burr, son of Nathaniel Burr and Margaret Graham. Photo, c 1918.

Author’s maternal family. Children are great-grandchildren of Squire Davis and Jennet Ferguson


Nathaniel Burr and Margaret Graham, late-loyalist parents of W G Burr. Nathaniel was the uncle of Robert Burr, convicted leader of the notorious Markham Gang.

For his thieving and thuggery, Robert Burr was sentenced to hang (1846), but his sentence was commuted. Nathaniel Burr spoke up for nephew Robert at the trial. Photo of the Burrs is from a family Daguerreotype c 1865

The footsteps of First Nations’ ancestors have marked Edmonton, Alberta, and Treaty 6 territory for centuries – Papaschase Cree, Nêhiyaw/Cree, Dené, Anishinaabe/Saulteaux, Nakota Isga /Nakota Sioux, and Niitsitapi/Blackfoot. I also acknowledge and respect the homeland of the Métis and Inuit nations. Brantford and Brant County occupy territory within the Haldimand Tract, treaty land and traditional hunting grounds of the Haudenosaunee.



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